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Subject: Re: Words to Use/Words to Avoid
From: Barry Kieffer <barry -dot- kieffer -at- EXGATE -dot- TEK -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 16:32:59 -0700

Julie needs help answering the following question:
> Can anyone direct me to resources for words to use/avoid
> in technical writing. We're trying to avoid words with negative
> connotation
> & include more "user-friendly" words.
Do not use any words that may be offensive to pets. They may not be able to
read today, but our documentation must survive the ages.

Do no use any words offensive to women, or those mean male haters will come
after you. Ouch, my wife just hit me.

If you are documenting a procedure where the person has to hang upside down
in a dark greasy steam pit, always use words of encouragement.

Do not use words that may make the reader mad.
Never write: "If you stick your head in the 10-ton press, you are an idiot."
Please write: "Smart people know that safety is first, get the guy you hate
to stick his head in the press."

Avoid words that make people cry.
Don't use: Fired, Sacked, Cut, Thrown Out, or Terminated.
Use: Free to investigate new challenges.

For more "user-friendly" writing, don't use big high falutin' words when a
small simple word will do.
No: Obfuscation
Yes: Disconcertion

And above all, do not use violent words:
Eschew: Bullets
Utilize: Happy Dots

And you wonder how I keep getting hired...


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