Re: Generating PDF from Word, via postscript

Subject: Re: Generating PDF from Word, via postscript
From: "Campbell, Art" <artc -at- NORTHCHURCH -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 17:49:41 -0400

There are several known problems with several recent Adobe PS drivers, and,
I believe,
some variation depending on which version of Acrobat Distiller you're using.
You may want to visit the Adobe site and download the latest and greatest
as well as check their bug list for this particular problem.

OR, "What driver and what version of Acrobat are you using?"


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From: Renee L. LaPlume [mailto:rlaplume -at- RORKE -dot- COM]
Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 1999 6:01 PM
Subject: Generating PDF from Word, via postscript

Hi all,
I am going through a process where I take an MS
Word 7.0 for the PC file, print/save it to a postscript
file using a postscript driver, then generate a PDF file
from this postscript file. I need to do this to meet
a new requirement that our print vendor has where they
want the files provided in PDF using this process, as
described in a set of instructions/print specifications
provided by them. (Previously I had just provided them
with the native Word files.)

The Word 7.0 file is fine. However, the PDF file
I see as a result of this process has two bullets
next to one another, instead of one as it should,
for *most* (approximately 90%) of the bulleted
paragraphs. There doesn't seem to be any pattern
as to when this happens or not. The same
text style will have one bullet on one page and
have double-bullets on another page.

I've created PDFs previously using the same files
and not seen this problem when I've gone directly
from Word to PDF using Acrobat Distiller, without
the intermediate step of creating a postscript file
to generate the PDF from. The print vendor said
he had seen this in the past but they were unable
to solve it for that print job; since it was a short
run, they just cut/removed the extra bullets manually.
I however have over 300 pages from two manuals involved,
so that's not a realistic workaround for me.

I've tried printing the postscript file directly to
a postscript printer and it does *not* print with the
double bullets at that point. So, the problem
appears to get introduced at the point that Distiller
is creating PDFs from the postscript files. Creating
a PDF from the postscript file on another employee's
Macintosh (I'm using a PC) did *not* produce the
double bullets, but the fonts in that result do not seem
to be coming through as sharp.

Has anyone else seen this weird behavior, or do you have
any suggestions to try?

Please reply offlist and I can summarize the results if
there is interest.

Renee (rlaplume -at- rorke -dot- com)

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