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Subject: Re: Acrobat Help
From: Shlomo Perets <shlomo -at- microtype -dot- com>
To: "Peter Lucas" <peterlucas -at- mediaone -dot- net>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 13:02:20 +0000


You wrote:

> The crazy thing is that I don't use subsetting! I just embed all my fonts.
>I'm not concerned about PDF size really. I want my users to be able to view
>my PDF in its original splendor.
>In my Distiller Job Options, I have Embed All Fonts selected and I have
>GillSans (all flavors) and Minion (all flavors) in the Always Embed section
>(along with all my other PostScript fonts). The Subset All Embedded Fonts
>Below ... option is not even selected. ...

The problem has to do with the subsetting done at the PS driver level,
even before the PS file is being distilled and unrelated to Acrobat.
Subsetting at the driver level is not done by all drivers. With AdobePS
drivers I think it started with AdobePS 4.1.x.

To disable subsetting at the driver level, either modify the driver
properties or switch to a different PS driver.

To modify AdobePS 4 driver properties:

- go to Start > Settings > Printers, click the driver and choose File >

- click the Fonts tab, and then the Send Fonts As button.

- In the PostScript fonts section (bottom), change the 'Send PostScript
fonts as' to "Don't Send" .

The font data is then not embedded in the PS file you create - but only
the font name is referenced. When the PS file is distilled, Distiller
embeds the font data - the font must be present in the font locations
used by Distiller (if ATM is used, the font has to be in the PSFONTS
directory). No need to set font locations, unless the PS file is
distilled on another system where Distiller cannot located the required

The "Send PostScript fonts as" setting must be "In Native Format" (default)
if the PS files are printed directly using a real PostScript printer.

Shlomo Perets

MicroType *
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