Re: Potential Client/Need Advise

Subject: Re: Potential Client/Need Advise
From: Michele Davis <michele -at- krautgrrl -dot- com>
To: Paul Strasser <paul -dot- strasser -at- windsor-tech -dot- com>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 10:55:59 -0500

OK, to finish the saga. She wants to put me in a "stable" with other people and vend out my services. Now she bills out at $50/hr., and she wants to make a profit on top of paying me or someone else, so she'll be paying in the $20s. In addition, she wants samples of my work immediately, and when I told her I was swamped and could barely keep my head above water with all the work I have she became irrate with me. She told me she can't do some of the work people are calling her to do so she really needs me to work for her, and inexpensively.

She stated she was asking these questions to determine where my expertise was to pigeon-hole me in her stable.

I just said I couldn't right now, but I'd think about it. The think about it part is because of the women's group we're in together.

The "you write books" dialog happens to me often. This one was just stranger than the rest. I once had a client that I created online help for, then the programmer who I worked with left the company and they hired a technical writer. This tech writer called me and asked for more samples because he wanted me to do some work for him. I sent samples and then followed up via phone. In the follow up call this TW told me that I wouldn't be a good fit because I write books.


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Paul Strasser wrote:

You tell us, "But I'm thinking working with her is going to suck given that

Where in this conversation does she mention working for her/with her? One
might assume that if someone asks for writing samples and hourly rates that
there is some sort of potential job in the offing. What is it? Did this
ever come up?


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