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Subject: Re: The not-so-new anymore topic
From: "Kate M. Jarsulic" <kjarsuli -at- CCD -dot- HARRIS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1993 15:57:05 EDT

> I'm probably going to get beaten up for this one, but why is everyone so
> intent on getting a developer's respect? The customer/user's respect is
> what I want -- if I'm getting that who cares what everyone else thinks? I
> don't work for developers or trainers or supporters or managers or funders.
> I work for users.

> Go in search of their opinions -- fix what they don't like and celebrate
> what they love.

> correaj -at- sdsc -dot- edu
> I represent only myself.

Since I began most of this, I would like to reply.
Our tech writing team NEEDS to get the respect of engineers/developers.
Without it, they will not trust us with their product.
Our division at Harris is so large that it is a RARE occasion when us
techwriters (who are low on the totem pole) are ever invited to
even meet the customers.

I needed to ASK to meet the customers. Don't you see that to get the
customer's respect, it is imperative that we first get the engineers
to trust and respect us professionally?

In an ideal situation, your philosophy would be enough; this is not
an ideal situation. Obviously.

Many people have given us a lot of great advice to try and
improve our situation. Thanks.

Maybe I will have more on this later.

...kate jarsulic
Technical Writer

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