Re: dress codes

Subject: Re: dress codes
From: Ad absurdum per aspera <JTCHEW -at- LBL -dot- GOV>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1993 18:43:43 GMT

> Dress "codes" vary according to the industry and region


I've done good work while wearing army boots and a flannel
shirt [1] and while wearing a suit, the other people around
me being dressed similarly. I'm not sure that these
superficial aspects can be correlated to morale, performance,
etc. -- either positively or negatively.

A highly motivated pro is a highly motivated pro, and a drone
is a drone. A supportive corporate culture is a supportive
corporate culture, and a madhouse is a madhouse. Whether it
is customary to wear a jacket and a neck restrictor while at
your desk is another story entirely.

I will assert, though, that there usually *is* at least a de
facto dress code anywhere -- once you've vibed in on the
organization's culture, you can tell what costume will mark
someone as a stuffed short, or a nerd, or a weirdo, or a
ladder-climber, or a Significant Other-hunter, or whatever.
Just because everybody is sitting around in Rockports and
Dockers, or the head of software development has a surfboard
in the office, doesn't mean that some people won't lay
judgements based merely on appearances... or that the company
will treat you well on payday. People are people everywhere.

"Just another personal opinion from the People's Republic of Berkeley"
Disclaimer: Even if my employer had a position on the subject,
I probably wouldn't be the one stating it on their behalf.

[1] And pants too. You guys... sheesh! :)

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