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Subject: Re: "Overpriced" software
From: Stefan Fielding-Isaacs <sfi -at- VERITY -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1993 11:07:14 PST

> >From: Arthur Comings <atc -at- CORTE-MADERA -dot- GEOQUEST -dot- SLB -dot- COM>
> >> >>
> >> >> I think we all agree that FrameMaker is over-priced. Do what I
> >> >> did. Go out and buy an ancient version for $50. Then buy the
> >> >> upgrade from Frame Technology to the latest version. You'll save
> >> >> a ton of money and you won't feel guilty at night.. :->
> >
> >
> >I don't agree. Considering Frame's capabilities and its excellent phone
> >support, I think it's a great deal. Especially for the PC: $400 -- what
> >more do you want? If you really think it's overpriced, why don't you
> >vote with your feet and buy from someone who prices their software more
> >to your liking. Ventura, maybe? MS Word? Interleaf?
> >
> >Oh, I see: You don't feel THAT strongly about it. . .
> >
> >These people put out a great product, and they support it. And from
> >what I hear, they're not getting rich doing it. I think they deserve
> >our support -- and more than some $50 upgrade-trick dodge, too.


I happen to agree with you that FrameMaker makes a very good product. I've used
it since Version 1.0 (when I was a technical writer on staff at Sun).

The last time I looked in a catalog the list price of FrameMaker for the Mac
chosen platform of late) ran $795. True, one can get it for less. But this is
a very, very high price for a product that has been so poorly marketed.

I own quite a bit of FrameMaker stock (and have lost quite a bit of money
with their fiscal malfeasance) and so might logically be one of the first ones
to suggest that you go out there and buy it at full pop.

However, I don't think that would be sound business practice for Frame. They
must achieve better market penetration and the price is absurd when many places
are still just being introduced to the product.

I have a number of service bureaus I deal with in the City whom I just
to buy FrameMaker. Their reluctance stems from the fact that it is just
starting to
make inroads in the DTP market. I argue that many companies in the Valley use
and they respond that not many designers do. Frame Technology is pricing their
product up around the price of Illustrator, or PageMaker. These are well
products used by designers every day. They give a lot of bang for the buck and
a premium price.

FrameMaker simply doesn't have that recognition yet -- and its progress into
DTP markets will be slowed until they recognize this and drop the outrageously



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