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Subject: Re: Health insurance rates
From: CJBenz <cjbenz -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 1994 19:30:47 -0500

After reading through this thread on health-insurance rates, I can't help
but point out that you're all comparing apples and oranges here. You speak
of health insurance as a commodity, but it most certainly isn't.

Health-insurance policies vary in a great number of ways including:
- deductibles
- co-payments
- policy type (HMO, PPO, traditional)
- coverage of pre-existing conditions
- lifetime coverage caps
- prescription coverages
- methods of benefit payments
- geographical coverage
- waiting periods
- etc., etc., etc.

These variables can often explain the difference between a $150/month and
a $1000/month policy. So, if you think you've done well by shopping
around and getting a bargain price, may may not have. You may discover,
for example, that your policy won't pay for *any* problems with your left
leg because you broke that leg 10 years ago. Before becoming too confident
in your health-insurance policy, go to your local public library and check
out a consumer guide or two on health insurance. It will be well worth
your time.

Although insurance needs vary from one person to another, here are two
important and universally applicable things I found through my own
- If you're leaving a job that provided benefits, continue your coverage
through COBRA.
- Otherwise, get coverage through a group, whether that be the STC, the
local chamber of commerce, or whatever. If you're not already a member of
a group that offers group rates on health insurance, consider joining one.
It's often cheaper in the long run.

'Nuf sed.

Chris Benz
Author, Technical Writer, Computer Trainer
6229438 -at- mcimail -dot- com
"You learn something new every day--whether you want to or not."

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