Digest woes, boneheads, and general whining

Subject: Digest woes, boneheads, and general whining
From: "David S. Broudy" <broudy -at- BCF -dot- USC -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 00:05:12 +0100

Rod Franklin:
> I don't know that a thread like this will contribute to anything
> useful. People are people; we don't need to get into any categorical
> flaming.

OK, then how about this "Scott Glasrud" bonehead who sends 100K files
("Kids First!") to a listserv, esp one that has subscribers all over the
world? This is the second time today I've gotten this file. Is this guy
even subscribed to the list? Is netiquette *truly* a thing of the past?
Argh! *spit*

I've gotten many of today's messages twice and some even three times. I'm
on digest mode and tonight I got a titanic 120K tech-dump (not counting
Bonehead's file) that repeated a lot of the messages in this morning's
digest, and a lot of the ones from the first 75K of tonight's dump were
repeated in the last 45K. Even with a 28.8 modem this all takes some time
to download and I'm sure it cheesed off those who must pay toll charges to
get their mail. Luckily USC is a local call.

Can the admin person (whoever you are) set listserv to automatically reject
any messages with attachments? Is there a glitch that's causing the cloned
messages in digests?

I couldn't open the damned "Kids First!" file anyway (it's a Word 6 file,
and that program is too bloated/slow to run on a Mac IIci--hell, any Mac!),
but I'm not surprised someone else found it full of shi^H^H^H gibberish...

David, cranky tonight.

broudy -at- mizar -dot- usc -dot- edu -- http://www-bcf.usc.edu/~broudy/
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