Re: Automatic Numbers and Cross-references across Files in Word 6

Subject: Re: Automatic Numbers and Cross-references across Files in Word 6
From: Loryn Jenkins <loryn -at- OZEMAIL -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 06:35:59 +1000


I don't blaim the poor software people for not understanding what you wanted.
From reading your message, I couldn't work out why you wanted to do what
you're doing.

Anyway, I've tried to replicate what you're doing.

I created a bookmark in a file.
Opened another file.
Inserted that bookmark (both linked and unlinked) into the new file.

And it all worked without a hitch.

Then I tried it with hidden text:
It worked!

And then, I tried it with a field:
KaBoom. It failed.

So, I figured it had something to do with the field.

I then tried locking the field.
Yes! success. It worked.

So, it's got nothing to do with hidden text. You just have to lock the field.
If you're inserting the text into the new file as linked text, you'll have to
bear one little point in mind:
It won't update properly, because it's a locked field.

And here's the trick to get around it:
Press SHIFT+F9 to display the field properties.
Press SHIFT+F9 again, to display the field result.
Press F9 to update the field: and then the field is updated properly.

Remember, if you want to display the field in the new doc. You'll have to
format the field result as NOT HIDDEN (ie., normal). Then, to stop it
updating to HIDDEN again, you'll have to add the switch:
to the end of the field properties

So, I think I've solved all your problems.
If you have any more, just drop me a line (privately, maybe: some people
don't like this product-specific info in the techwhirler list).

Here's a tip on solving probs yourself: go back to the simplest situation,
then add complexity. You can usually get the simple stuff working, and
adding complexity one step at a time'll let you see where it fails.

Only then can you figure out how to make it work.



George Schober wrote:

> I write software documentation in Word 6.0c, and save each chapter as a separate file. I often cross reference section numbers, for example, a
sentence in Cha

> Until recently I manually numbered each section. To create the cross-reference I highlighted the section number in the source chapter and
made it a bookmark.

> I've recently begun using the automatic heading numbering feature (primarily because I'm also creating help files from the manuals, and don't
want the section

> Create a cross-reference to the section number within the source document
> Format it as hidden text
> Create a bookmark from the (hidden) cross-reference
> Use the bookmark in the range box of the Insert File command

> That doesn't work, though, because the insert file command can't find the hidden text and produces an error.

> I spent a frustrating hour last week trying to get help from Microsoft, but I couldn't make the support people understand what I wanted (I had the
feeling I kn

> NOTE ON TERMINOLOGY: "Section" means sections of my document (1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2...) NOT sections in the Word document.

> I'm not having problems with cross-referencing section numbers within a single file (using the Cross-reference command from the Insert menu); my
problem is fin

> I'd appreciate any answers.

> George Schober

> Technical Writer and Translator
> gschober -at- cincom -dot- com

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