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Subject: Re: Icons: backtrack button
From: soundy -at- NEXTLEVEL -dot- COM
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 03:38:36 -0600

In <v01540b01ad7294a6a759 -at- [204 -dot- 137 -dot- 235 -dot- 113]>, on 03/17/96 at 10:33 PM,
"James M.Lockard" <norton -at- mcs -dot- net> said:


>I'm working on a set of navigation buttons for a body of online
>documentation and I've run into a snag. How do you create a simple icon
>to represent a backtrack function (for a button that basically undoes the
>last hypertext link).

>I've already finished buttons for first screen, last screen, previous
>screen and next screen. These buttons look similar to VCR or tape deck
>controls; they have very simple graphics and short words or partial

>I haven't been able to come up with a simple graphic representation of
>the backtrack concept though - any suggestions?

My mail program, MR/2 ICE, uses snazzy little "looped" up and down buttons
to represent previous/next message, with red X's through them to delete
the current message then move on. Perhaps an adaptation of these would
work (see attached file below, it's a very small GIF)...

Your friend and mine,
"Maybe all I need, besides my pills and surgery,
is a new metaphor for... reality." -- Queensryche

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UUEncoded file attachment follows...
begin 666 temp.gif
M1TE& -dot- #EA -at- 0!#`/H``,S,S("` -at- ````/___P#_`/\```"```"`@"P````` -at- 0!#
M`$(#_PBZW"O"*0 -at- =C0]/*KNO6R8"U=5PX)9Z[,J8)_=J,&N/X9SO9*GUJX!P
M'^D"IL!OO^\J?'QT;G9"96$V;'4,@`\&D!"0!F\*CH,->GZ&9ID"DY*1 -at- HV'
M6O%4"'OG+R`)@@?[66(G1Y"^A(7@)4JH1X$ -at- A*G(19LHR_]11X:U/,8B`ZVD
MTZ=0HSHP^)'J2)"T1,(B"9#C5:L?U -at- 7$9 -dot- /A0K#[*D[]9X4J&P,1WT:4V"[H
M(C<I/`HH`#<9 -at- 7MTTR[0<W<.U[83"[_`Z$ -at- Q'H49$[=Q"/$/5HB4'1<LIPB"
MG[R7#_9%,YJ35[*$/VO0RS?N7[*;-]8-NQ9MM-`=^` -at- %!-N#V8SE7!FA(KP(
MC-/<B.,`;-U@&T"X;16D*3^VU>,57 -at- E9I(]#WK;D%4=ND60`&&I46Y(2L%%)
MDN84IA&5C#6Y&&2-O2;`H&.:5M<H -at- VAV%F>/S569HX=:*FED@>:ACR";)NKI
M8F]F*F=H9VPN:F>:9%(%&Y\(Z0GMFG?F:>H86%I -at- Z5E3>BG61+\-5JR;\NA#


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