Re: A question about Acrobat, plus a question about Intranets

Subject: Re: A question about Acrobat, plus a question about Intranets
From: oolong <oolong -at- ARGO -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 22:17:38 GMT

Michael John Little <ur004135 -at- mail01 -dot- mel -dot- aone -dot- net -dot- au> wrote in article
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> Recently I heard that Acrobat store all the links to pages as
> geographic locations, so if you add a page, you have to manually
> change all the following pages. It doesn't do it automatically. Is
> that true? Has Adobe fixed the problem? Does anyone know the email
> address for tech support for Adobe.

From what I can tell, after publishing a 30-page manual using Acrobat, that
is exactly right.

The way to think of a .PDF file is this:

Step 1 - Print the document
When you use Acrobat Exchange, you are making a bitmapped image of each
page. The pages are arranged sequentially in the PDF file.

Step 2 - Mark the jumps
Since the PDF is a series of bitmaps, Adobe's use of the term "hypertext"
is confusing. Although the jumps look like hypertext, they seem to be
attached to the image rather than the text. If you need to edit the
document text, you will have to do it in a word processor or page layout
program and reprint through the Exchange program creating a new file with
no jumps in it. Essentially you start from scratch.

Step 3 - Duplicate the marked-up document

My impression of the program is that it is not worthwhile for documents
that change frequently. Nor does it seem to be an effective way to publish
long documents.

In order to make PDF work for a manual, you would have to commit to a
modular construction with each PDF file being no more than a chapter long.
The most effective strategy would probably be 2-3 pages per PDF.

I'm not sure that Adobe even perceives this as a problem.

You don't mention what platform you're using so here are all the numbers
Mac 206-628-2745
Win 206-628-2746
Unix 206-628-3950

or try
Good luck!

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