Difficulties with WORD 7.0 for WIN95

Subject: Difficulties with WORD 7.0 for WIN95
From: Susan Brown <sbrown -at- JSCSYS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 17:59:45 -0500

Hi, Hi!!

I have been asked to create documents in WORD (A product I haven't
used since V4) the resemble a series of documents that have been produced in
Framemaker 5.

I am running into a number of problems. (At the risk of getting your
backs up, primarily due to inadequate documentation. The Knowledge Base on
the Microsoft website was not much help either.) Here are a few:


1) We want the footers for the (duplex) document to look like this:

Outside edge Center Inside Edge
Page <n> of <tot> Document Title Modification Date

This must work across a munber of subdocuments (for a document that will run
roughly 400 pages).


2) We need headers in a glossary format, i.e.

Odd Numbered Pages:
Inside Edge Center Outside edge
circulation item

Even Numbered Pages:
Outside Edge Center Inside Edge
item circulation

Item will be the first entry of a particular paragraph type on any left
hand pages, and the last entry of that same paragraph type on any right hand
pages. The paragraph type used will change from section to section
(sub-document to subdocument).


3) We are using an autonumbering format for various header types. We need to
be able to include a tab character in these formats, as in:

Section 1.0<tab>
Section 1.1.2<tab>


4) The headings we specified in the Master document included autonumbering
(without the required tabs) appear correct when viewing the master document,
but when we open the subdocument, the autonumbering is gone: only the
paragraph text remains.


5) We wish to apply specific formatting to the table of contents, and are
running into a number of difficulties.

a) How can we access the heading for the table of contents and format
it to our specifications? (This is not described anywhere.)

b) How do we apply formatting to the TOC entries for our autonumbered


6) In trying to avoid re-inventing the wheel, we tried reducing some Frame
documents to bare bones, converting to RTF, and then reading into WORD. We
ended up with 'useless' pages, but could find no way of getting rid of them.
Is there any technical information on importing rtf format documents into
WORD? This might be particularly important, since it might colour our
decision to go with WORD or FRAME for our in-house productions.


7) I am probably missing something, but I have been unable to find a way to
set up a template for a master document composed of subdocuments, with
specific styles for the various subdocuments, without having the general
outline of the document. What we need is something along the line of an SGML
DTD: something that imposes a generic structure specific to a document type
totally independent of the actual content of any given document. As a
sidebar to this, I have not been able to find a way to define any style
without having at least some content available. I find it very difficult to
believe that WORD cannot allow you outline the general structure of a
document without content already existing: is this, in fact, the case??


I suspect there will be more as this continues.

Can you recommend a reference (book/technotes/anything) for WORD?
Both your on-line help and Manuals are proving singularly un-helpful for our

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