bad employers/clients list

Subject: bad employers/clients list
From: Rebecca Carr <rebecca -at- WHITE -dot- SC -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 16:24:50 CDT


This is really a BAD idea. This is very subjective information and it would
be impossible to keep it to the "facts only". FACTS are hard to come by and
usually are just one person's view. Look at how this list goes on
and on criticizing a job posting. What's a "long time paying" to one person
may be no big deal to other people. A criticism to one person could be a
blessing to another.

We have no business doing this; moreover it would
reflect our ignorance IMO. Everyone can ask for references when considering
employment anywhere. SURELY, this is enough...but even if it isn't,
we're all adults here. Problems occur, life goes on; get over it.
When we turn ourselves into judgmental critics, we are doing our profession
a great disservice. In addition, some criticisms of a company can relate
directly to the employee. Let's not forget...we all screw up at one time or
another. Perhaps the employer had REASONS for his delay/screw-up. OR perhaps
it was a one-time occurrence. Let's just give everyone the benefit of the
doubt and realize that we would not like to be judged solely on one person's
(or even a few) opinion of us. Let's all make our own judgements of our
employers on a personal basis. We can give an opinion if asked, but let
it go at that. It's kind of like your boss asking you what you thought of
working with "so & so". Maybe you didn't personally like them...but they
got along great with most people. Or you had en episode with him/her
that especially irked you. Would it be right to judge them as an employee
based on one episode or because you didn't personally care for them?

I think tech writers and editors must always try very hard not to become
pompous know-it-alls who think that only THEY have the key and that everyone
else should bow and politely request it.

Yes, I'm a tech writer too.


B. Carr

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