Re: Exporting FrameMaker to Word7

Subject: Re: Exporting FrameMaker to Word7
From: Tom Johnson <johnsont -at- FREEWAY -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 08:31:03 -0400


What they are asking you to do seems rediculous. Are people going to mark
up the manuals in Word? In my opinion, hard copies would be the way to go.
Then you can look at the edits, paragraph by paragraph, and make any
appropriate changes. I cannot imagine going through 200 electronic
documents to see where they messed up something or didn't mess it up.

If they feel they absolutely must get their hands into your work, buy
another Frame license. With 200 documents, that's about $3 per document.
You can't do the conversion for that price. When you give them their copy,
turn on change bars and you can quickly spot where they've done anything.

I haven't done much remote printing from FrameMaker. I would think it
wouldn't be hard to find out which printer driver your bureau is using.
Print the Frame doc to a file using the right printer driver. Take the file
to the printer and you should be all set.

As far as PageMaker to Frame; about the best you can do is to transfer the
text and use your Frame template to handle the layout. You will probably
have to place each graphic individually.

Don't let people make you do a lot of work to save them a very little bit
of effort.

Tom Johnson

business johnsont -at- starcutter -dot- com
personal tjohnson -at- grandtraverse -dot- com

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From: Amy Janczy [SMTP:janczy -at- gilson -dot- com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 1998 8:06 PM
Subject: Exporting FrameMaker to Word7

Does anyone have to export completed Frame manuals (200+, lots of
linked Illustrator graphics) to Word7 for final approval/printing?
I'm being asked to do this with the following requests:

- I produce ONE (obviously giant) Word file containing resident, not
linked graphics - there is a feeling that people would be 'confused'
about linked graphics, even with a very clear, local file structure
set up on the network

- I am able to then import any changed Word documents back into
FrameMaker and hopefully not take more than a day to do my "cleanup",
which I'm assuming would involve re-setting all my index and TOC
tokens (or the Frame equivalent of this). (I personally feel they
ought to simply tell me what minor changes they made - like to the
cover page re: printing date or some typo stuff.)

- Also, does anyone know if you can quickly convert PageMaker 6.5
documents into Frame? All our manuals are now in PM 5.something and
were mostly done on the Mac.

Amy Janczy
Gilson, Inc.
Madison, WI

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