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Subject: Re: RoboHelp 6.0
From: Chris Eckert <chrise -at- BLUE-SKY -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 11:14:20 -0800

This is not true. Blue Sky Software currently provides free support to
all customers, regardless of which version they are using. There are
plans to limit FREE telephone support to current versions, but this has
not been implemented yet. Free support for older versions would still be
available via the web site, email and fax, as well as a pay for support
phone line. But currently, all customers are eligible for all methods of
technical support.

Chris Eckert
Blue Sky Software

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What I resent about the subscription plan is that they don't support the
previous versions so you are in the position of upgrading even if you
need the various forms of help they are supporting. I don't have a single
client that is doing help for 98 or CE, but if I run into problems with
RoboHELP using a previous version, B-S won't help me cause I am not using
the current version.

One of their sales reps told a client of mine that they plan on releasing
new version every quarter. I would be happy if they would do 2 a year but
actually send out a stable build. I had no end of problems with 5.0. It
seems that 5.5 fixed most of them, although I still get some odd behavior
now and then. Rebooting seems to fix it but what a pain. The rumor mill
reports that for some people the problems with 5.5 continue.

From what I hear through the rumor mill, the new version is not much more
than 5.5. Improved support for the different versions of help, but that
about it. I hear rumors it is more of a bug fix build. Fab.

And I am probably purchasing the new version and the subscription plan
because I have a client that is doing it and I need to be in step. Have
automated the template formats upgrade thing? It is such a pain to have
manually import all the formats every version and it can so easily by
scripted do be done during the install.


Sharon Burton
Anthrobytes Consulting
Home of RoboNEWS, the award-winning unofficial RoboHELP Newsletter
anthrobytes -at- anthrobytes -dot- com

All above statements are my opinions and reported rumors. I do not want
letter exchanges between my lawyer and theirs. Wastes my time and theirs.

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From: Hope Cascio <hope -dot- d -dot- cascio -at- US -dot- ARTHURANDERSEN -dot- COM>
Date: Friday, 29 May, 1998 8:57 AM
Subject: RoboHelp 6.0

> I strongly agree with Hsuan-min Chou's (hchou -at- interaccess -dot- com)
>on a related note [steps up to soapbox!], i find it fairly repugnant
>Blue-Sky would release two major versions of RH in a 7 month period (RH
>in October, RH 6.0 in May, not to mention the bug-fixing RH 5.5
>thereby insuring that people purchase the subscriber plan to keep up w/
>unusually quick succession of releases/bug fixes. not even Microsoft is
>this greedy. of course, people don't need to upgrade, but considering
>stability (and lack thereof), it's almost required!
>We've had a LOT of problems with RH 5.5, don't have the subscriber plan,
>and are pretty much stuck. I have a back and forth correspondence with
>Blue-Sky a mile long, trying to solve the problems we've encountered.
>anyone know who I could address my complaints to at Blue-Sky? I've
>limited usefulness from their support people's responses, and no Big
>Picture solution.
>Hope Cascio


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