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Subject: Re: links in PDF docs
From: Max Wyss <prodok -at- PRODOK -dot- CH>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 15:50:27 +0100

Tim (and others),

If it is possible to place an EPS in a document, it should be possible to
sneak the PDFMARK commands into that file.

I am not familiar with the Corel applications, but if so, you can write a
very basic PDFMARK command EPS and place it in the document. The PDFMARK
commands are specified in the PDFMARK Reference Manual, available from the
Acrobat 3.01 CD-ROM or downloadable from the Developer section of Adobe's
website. In order to make full use of the commands, the Portable Document
Format Reference Manual might be needed as well. Another excellent source
for PDFMARK is Thomas Merz's book "Mit Acrobat ins World Wide Web" (or its
English translation).

I have placed that kind of PDFMARK EPS in Frame and in Quark Xpress. It
worked perfectly in both cases. I haven't tried it with Adobe Illustrator
or Photoshop, however.

Hope, this can help.

Max Wyss
PRODOK Engineering
Technical documentation and translations, Electronic Publishing
CH-8906 Bonstetten, Switzerland

Fax: +41 1 700 20 37
e-mail: mailto:prodok -at- prodok -dot- ch

Bridging the Knowledge Gap


>In standard FrameMaker, Adobe has used its own "PDFMark", an embedded
>PostScript command that comes out of Acrobat Distiller as a link. It's slick
>as grease on glass; we use it all the time. Essentially, you just apply
>Frame's own familiar commands, which are then interpreted as PDFMark on
>their way out of Frame during printing to PostScript, which are THEN
>distilled as links. Presto, automatic links. Change your Frame doc, push it
>out to Distiller again, and the links are still there. It's not something
>special in Frame's PostScript, but in Distiller's ability to interpret some
>additional PDFMark/PostScript commands.
>That's the good news. The bad news is that very few other applications can
>do PDFMark just yet. To my knowledge Corel isn't one of them. PageMaker,
>even though it's from Adobe also, doesn't do PDFMark either, sad to say. But
>to do what Pia talks about, that's what it will take. I don't know why so
>few other app makers have responded to PDFMark, but it's public (you can buy
>books on how to hand-code it) and readily available. You CAN insert PDFMarks
>by hand, but it's not fun to do; Exchange's interface is much easier. But
>without PDFMark, you're stuck linking by hand. Sorry.
>Tim Altom

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