Re: Any UNIX users out there?

Subject: Re: Any UNIX users out there?
From: Geoff Lane <geoff -at- GJCTECH -dot- FORCE9 -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 08:37:00 +0100

I asked Adobe the same question when I set up my computers to dual boot
Linux/Windows. They gave me a list of supported UNIX flavours. This didn't
include all the commercial versions, let alone the various flavours of
Linux. If you had access to the source code, you could probably pass this
through the GNU compiler to create a working Frame for Linux. However,
Adobe won't release the source code. Worse, if Adobe were to use the GNU
compiler to produce Frame for Linux, the GNU Public License would require
them to release the source code. For that reason, I don't think that we'll
see Frame for Linux in the forseeable future.

However, the Linux Documentation Project (LDP) makes Linux documentation
available in a variety of forms that include the targets you cite. Thus,
there is a lot of experience 'out there' into which you could tap. Take a
wander to and follow the links to the LDP sites (sorry
that I don't have the LDP URLs handy).


Geoff Lane
Cornwall, UK
geoff -at- gjctech -dot- force9 -dot- net

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Sandra Dixon wrote:

>Well, the developers here want to use their Free UNIX versions, which
Frame does
>not support.

This is a naive question, but are you saying that Framemaker is not
supported on free Unix platforms (such as Linux)? Perhaps I'm
misunderstanding your statement. I'm new to Frame and was thinking of
getting a copy for my Linux box at home...but don't want to go to the
trouble if it won't compile for the OS.

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