Re: Appendix within a chapter.

Subject: Re: Appendix within a chapter.
From: Bill Fetzner <BFetzner -at- ETCCONNECT -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 16:05:26 -0500

John ~ If working in Frame, I like to use notes to explain exceptions and
variations. For instance, I put step-by-step procedures in tables and then
tag steps with notes that explain something related but different. This
creates table notes that are placed just below the procedure and are locally
to that procedure not in a cumulative sense throughout the document. For
variations that relate to the body text, I footnote, and these increment as
they go along. Your tablenotes or footnotes could document small variations
to the basic procedure or could point to a section at the end of the chapter
where a full explanation is available. Of course, neither MS Word not
Pagemaker offers automated noting, which is why I tend to work in Frame. ~

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> Subject: Appendix within a chapter.
> I want to do something "different" and I was wondering
> if anyone has attempted this.
> The software developers on my application (bless their
> heart) tried to make the application so cutomizable
> that they've made it almost impossible to configure
> for anyone with experience short of developer level.
> This happend by attempting to incorporate every wish
> of every user, even if only one out of a hundred users
> had that wish. Therefore, one of the problems is that
> almost every dropdown box (and there are MANY) can be
> customized.
> In trying to address a process in the document at the
> time that it would occur in the application, the
> procedure gets bogged down in side-processes that
> makes the average user deviate from the normal
> procedure.
> Therefore, I'd like to group the side-processes in a
> section at the end of each chapter. In this way, if an
> advanced user wants to address some of the
> configuration cababilities that most users wouldn't
> care about, they can reference the procedure at the
> end of the chapter.
> I realize that this description probably doesn't do
> the problem justice, but based on my description, does
> this seem like a totaly bizzare way of addressing it?
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