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Subject: Re: Returned mail: Remote protocol error
From: "Westra, Kayla L." <13718westr -at- KCPBLDG01 -dot- BV -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 1994 17:06:00 CDT

Ole Aassar wrote:

"I am a radiology resident at a West Coast medical center
currently considering a career change-possibly into the field of technical
communications/medical writing.

Sue McCullough responded:

Ole, surely you jest. You've put in all those years and racked up all
those student loans and NOW you decide to become a tech writer? <stuff
deleted> take my advice: Go ahead and finish med school, become a
radiologist. Then use that high high salary to
pay off your student loans and save for retirement (live on 50K a year,
use the other 100-200K for savings, that way you'll get used to the tech
writer standard of living).

My turn <G>:

Ole (being from Minnesota, I love your name! Uffda!) , I don't know why you
want to be a tech writer, but do what you love. Maybe you can find a way to

do both (and make a good living trying it out), but if you really don't want

to be a radiologist, I wouldn't suggest doing it out of some sense of duty
or obligation. I, as a patient, wouldn't want to see any medical
professional who'd rather be doing something else.

Medical writing is something you could do on the nights/weekends to get
started. Write articles, review studies, submit, submit, submit. I like my

tech writing job, but my dream is to be a published fiction author. Guess
what I do in all my spare time?

And, like Sue, I wish you luck. :-)

Kayla Westra
13718westra -at- kcpbldg01 -dot- bv -dot- com
"Illa est causa mea, et ad eam haeso."
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


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