Subject: E-mail
From: Michael Uhl <uhl -at- VISLAB -dot- EPA -dot- GOV>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 08:14:02 -0400

I've come to rely too much on e-mail. Colleagues and co-workers have
told me so. For sensitive or difficult matters, face-to-face contact,
a video conference, or a teleconference, should be used, depending on the
level of sensitivity or difficulty.

I learned early, *never* write an e-mail when you're angry. You might think
that this is self evident and that one should not make a phone call,
write a letter, etc. when angry. What's different about an e-mail are two
things: (1) its potential permanency. I may be backed up to tape and archived
before you can get rid of it. And (2), its potential for wide dissemination.
With little effort, your angry e-mail can be sent to millions of people.
I have seen too many people make the mistake of sending an angry e-mail. The
results have been a major bummer.


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